About Martial Charts FX Trading™, The Smart Fibonacci Method™ and The FiReZ Trading Strategy™

MartialChartsFX.com was launched in December 2022 to mark the release of The Smart Fibonacci Method™.

I fell in love with Fibonacci Retracements early in my Forex journey and I found that when it works it is great but when it failed, I was left scratching my head. I could not accept that Fibs worked solely because it was mystical or a self-fulfilling prophecy. I needed to find out why a Fibonacci trade would fail, which brought me to develop this method as a means to filter low probability Fibonacci trades. Over time, this method led me to a greater understanding of smart money concepts, pretty much by accident.

The Smart Fibonacci Method seeks to find trading opportunities at areas of value in the market with consideration for smart money concepts such as supply and demand, imbalance, and liquidity without the pressure of precision or expertise in these factors. This allows the trader to identify areas of the market in advance that may cause potential setups to fail and account for those areas on an informed basis. This method can be seen as an introduction or gateway into trading smart money concepts, by purposefully accounting for these factors you will unintentionally train your eyes to recognize these factors and patterns. The Smart Fibonacci Method is an all encompassing trading course.

The FiReZ Trading Strategy is strategy specific course that shortcuts many of the concepts from The Smart Fibonacci Method in a simple yet highly effective rules based strategy.

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