Condition-Setup-Entry Trade Model





PublishedJul 15, 2023, 2:53 PM EDT


Condition-Setup-Entry Trade Model

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The condition is the container for the setup and the setup is the container for the entry, thus an entry cannot be valid if it is not within a valid setup, and a setup cannot be valid if it is not within a valid condition.


1. Identify the current market direction on the Higher Time Frame (HTF) (ex. Daily or H4) to identify if a Buying or Selling Condition is present. Identify areas of imbalance and supply & demand POIs within the most recent impulsive wave that created a BOS.

2. Look for a valid setup on the Setup Time Frame (STF) (ex. H4 or H1) within the context of a HTF buy or sell condition as long as the HTF buy or sell condition is valid. If there is a valid STF setup within a valid HTF condition, proceed to step 3. If not, wait for a valid STF setup to form within a valid HTF condition.

3. Wait for an Entry Confirmation on the Entry Timeframe (ETF) (ex. M15 or M5) and execute the trade when you have entry confirmation within a valid setup.

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