Support & Resistance Versus Supply & Demand - Forex In 9 Minutes - Ep. 10





PublishedJul 6, 2024, 11:54 AM EDT


Support & Resistance Versus Supply & Demand - Forex In 9 Minutes - Ep. 10

Forex In 9 Minutes - Episode 10

I'll explain the difference between support and resistance and supply and demand.

Forex In 9 Minutes
Learn Beginner through Advanced Forex concepts in short lessons.
Each episode of this series is no longer than 9 minutes and packed with useful information and tips.

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This series is focused on forex trading for beginners, intermediate forex traders, and advanced forex concepts. This series will cover the basics of forex, forex technical analysis, forex price action, forex market structure, support and resistance, supply and demand, and Fibonacci retracements. I'll also cover Smart Money Concepts in Forex such as Liquidity, Manipulation, Inducement, Imbalance (aka Fair Value Gaps), as well as Premium and Discount pricing in Forex. Forex in 9 Minutes can help you develop your own profitable Forex trading strategy or help you use your current Forex strategy better.

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