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I'm very proud to introduce The Smart Fibonacci Method™.

This project has been a labor of love that I have poured myself and knowledge into in order to give you a full learning experience. This is the result of seeing other courses and particularly trading content on YouTube that always seemed to conveniently leave out an important detail, which is often offered up later as an upsell. With the course and the book, there is no upsell. You get a single laser focused method of trading that is repeatable and applicable to multiple financial markets beyond Forex.

The Smart Fibonacci Method is a framework for finding high probability trade setups based on Fibonacci retracements, supply and demand, market structure, and price action. Smart Fibonacci takes into account smart money concepts such as liquidity, inducement, and imbalance. It provides a framework to give impatient traders a pre-determined point of entry into the market to wait for and gives patient traders the fruits for their labor. Through extensive back testing, I have found that using a simple combination of tools produced excellent results.

The beauty of this method is that it is simple, rules based, and is very forgiving in terms of analysis. Even when you get it wrong, you have a high probability of at least hitting the first recommended take profit level. The Smart Fibonacci Method has achievable profit targets and of course you can get more, but why be greedy? I have narrowed profit objectives to 3 pre-determined levels based on data not desire.

Which Is Right For You?

If you enjoy learning by reading, you are in luck, both the course and book contain ample reading material to meet your needs. The course is the book with the addition of 66 videos totaling over 14 hours of runtime, as well as exams and assignments. If you learn better by watching and hands on application, then you should enroll in the course.